Our R&D approach is shaped with the processes and activities aiming to develop automotive technologies and bring novelties.

Güralsan Automotive’s R&D activities which are based on a project logic determined by high technology equipments and the capacity of including all units are used for both available products and new designs as well as sample products. This project logic reflects the road map of Planning-Purchasing-Production and Mounting units for ISO 9001 standards.

As for our activity items, we provide semi-finished, operation and mounting drawings of products and also carry out studies on three dimensional animations of these products.

Moreover, aluminium die casting, model core moulds, plastic injection and wax injection moulds of new designed or sample products are developed by our own company. Following the processing of these materials in our CNC machines we carry out the manufacturing phase.

Ultimately, by acquiring competency in R&D activities we aim to provide benefits to our country, company and employees as well as to raise the level of welfare without suffering from financial crises.