GÜRES KILIÇ / Chairman

Güres Kılıç was born in 1st January 1972, Elazig. He started his education life in 27th May Elementary School in 1977. He moved to Istanbul with his family when he was in 3rd grade and continued his educational life in Deniz-is Elementary School. In 1982, he started to Kazım Ismen High School and finished high school there.

After finishing high school, he continued his educational life in Anadolu University and graduated with Business Administration bachelor degree. While he was still studying, he also started working in Güralsan Automotive with his father. He came up through the ranks in fields of CNC machines, turning lathe, aluminum and steel tooling technics. After learning production processes, he started traveling around the Turkey to maintain sales and marketing operations. He traveled over 50 countries with the aim of marketing and attended over 20 exhibitions and fairs personally.

Güralsan qualified to ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 quality certificates with its swift expand. Güres Kılıç established Güres Kılıç Automotive Industry and Trade Inc. in 2009 and he is also the owner of GRS Group which operates in fields of construction, food, tourism in addition to automotive sector. Güres Kılıç continues his production and trade operations in Istanbul but he started the construction of a new production facility in his hometown Elazig.

Güres Kılıç residences in Istanbul with his family and continues his position of chairman of the executive board of GRS Group.